You see the world in a unique way. The world will benefit from your perspective, but only if you share it powerfully. Your ideas can reach a wider audienceand make bigger changewith the right support. 


Master the principles of storytelling. Tap into your authentic experience. Understand your listeners' values.

I provide coaching for speakers, from idea generation through writing and performance. I've helped dozens of amazing people make successful debuts on the TEDx stage, and even the homepage of It's intense and challenging work, but I promise it's one of the most fulfilling adventures you'll ever embark on.

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Find your story

Colin wasn’t afraid to tell me that stuff needed removing, and his coaching made the whole thing better. From emails to video coaching to watching his talks, Colin was knowledgable and on point.  



Colin is a creative thought leader, supportive coach, and all-around team player. 800,000 views and counting because of Colin's amazing guidance!


Level Up

I wanted to be vulnerable, honest, and confident telling my story. Colin helped me find my way toward saying what I wanted to say in a way that people could hear it. His support was invaluable.


Your Privilege Is Showing

Speaker coaching


Speaker coaching sessions

 In intensive 60-minute sessions, we'll

  • uncover the messages the world most needs from you

  • identify and shape the stories in your life and work that demonstrate the impact of that message 

  • practice principles of talk structure to best engage your audiences

  • focus in on specific aspects of a talk: adapting to new formats, transitions, delivery, visuals

  • build habits and processes to make you confident and compelling in front of any group!

Ad hoc

Individually scheduled sessions for focused work on a specific project


A sequence of 8 weekly or biweekly sessions, organized to achieve predefined objectives

Boot camp

A full-day (or equivalent) in-person, custom-designed, one-on-one workshop to move a talk to the next level and deepen presentation skills

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