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I'm no scholar, but I played one at TEDxBeaconStreet

I shaped my talk from the work of many people whose research and ideas I have read and absorbed and perhaps distorted. You should not take my word for anything. Someone told me at the talk that she'd always hated The Wizard of Oz because she saw Dorothy as a victim. So maybe I'm wrong even about that. 

Start here to fact-check me:
  • The illustrator Denis Medri created the Star Wars/Wizard of Oz mashup.
  • Clear your favorite movies with the Bechdel Test, or write your own reviews.
  • The analysis of 2011's top 100 movies, and the number of female protagonists and speaking roles, is summarized in this report by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film.
  • The study in which one out of five American women reported having been sexually assaulted was reported on here.
  • You've seen the Disney princesses and the boys of Pixar. Now watch everything Hayao Miyazaki has ever made and see what Japan has been teaching its children.

And of course many others have written about the role of men in feminism:

I'd love to keep learning. Tell me where I blew it, or fudged, or need to hit the books.


  1. I just got done watching your video How movies teach manhood. I have noticed such things, which is a part of the reason I got into Anime genre. Japanese animated shows have a much more interesting character interactions to me. Like the last series I just watched was about a group of high school students who form a club at school called the Neighbors club, all of them feel as if they don't have friends at the beginning of season 1. By the end of the second season the group has formed friendships with each other. There is only one male in the group among six females. The group is lead by one of the females. Most of the females are strong willed and independent. The ones who aren't tend to be protected by the male. They all have conversations with each other, mostly avoiding discussing their interest in the male character but that is more a cultural thing then anything.

  2. Anime also has really big issues with its depictions of the genders. There is rampant female on male violence that is played off for laughs. Female characters in general are often abusive, emotionally, verbally, and physically to their male counterparts with little to no consequences for being that way.

    While male characters are expected to play into chivalrous roles.

    Don't get me wrong. I love Anime, but treating it as this progressive form of content is a bit rose tinted glasses. There's rampant pandering to a mainstream appeal. Which at the moment is "moe" fanservice anime. That's about relationship drama and male characters bouncing between the affections of multiple women. As a sort of self-insert wish fulfillment.

    There are exceptions to the cliche dynamic I mention above, and quite a few series are pretty amazing for their content. Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, etc. Or projects by Studio Ghibli are pretty amazing. Though part of that is due to him flipping the normal progress of the narrative around. Miyazaki has always endeavored to not have a clear or singular antagonist element. Just as there's never just one protagonist. It's often groups, or muddied classifications that keep things fresh.

  3. Enjoyed the TED talk VERY much. I think this poem kind of hits to the real source behind the internal conflict men have towards women at every stage of life. Wrote it as a song, but I think its fitting...

    Open Letter To Real Men
    That which is feared is suppressed
    That which is feared is controlled
    Women are not feared
    No, man does not fear that which he believes he has the physical prowess to defeat
    Man fears not the woman, but loss of the woman
    For out of the darkness of the womb, man has come to be grateful
    Out of companionship of sisters, man has come to respect
    Out of marriage man has come to love

    Shall we become insolent if we are not grateful
    Shall we become arrogant if we do not respect
    Shall we cease to be human without compassion
    Shall we become violent without love

    Out of the tireless generations of mothers, man has come to understand "home."
    And no matter how great the intellect, how mighty the tower, how glorious the battle, how successful the journey, it is mere futility if one has no home to return to.

    Charity and foundation are the manifestation of the womb
    Shelter and opportunity are the manifestation of our sister
    Art and dedication are the manifestation of love
    War and peace are the manifestation of our mother

    Man symbolizes without recognition
    Praising the effect of grandeur and not the cause
    And though man veils himself behind the delusional curtain of manifestations of the perception of the human known as woman
    Believing himself the keeper of the balance of humanity- in vain.
    Man has one more obstacle to overcome which the human cries, downcast eyes, and crushed spirits of the woman must eventually teach man to become.


  4. Dear Colin,

    I wanted to thank you for being a father to be proud of. We need Dad's to question films and media, which can damage the way little girls see themselves. The revolting magazines in food shops on show to children, is an insult to family life and motherhood. Little girls in the UK are on diets at nine years old because of state school and media. They do not know the importance of childhood and grow up too quickly.

    Last year I went to see my MP and complained because the UK are trying to legalize prostitution. The Swansea University received funding from the Lottery to research and to help student girls into this line of work. We already have FORCED ADOPTION FOR PROFIT, as proved by MP John Hemming (See You Tube.) Also if you go to a UK Women's Aid website you will be horrified at what they are advertising on this site. It is a real insult to women that have been badly hurt by abusive men.

    We need some men hero's to educate little boys and men on how to treat girls/women. And we really need to bring back good old fashioned family values. I have been trying to earn a living from home for over seven years. The reason I am not able to earn through the Internet is because it is not child and family run. And the powers that be have too much money tied up in stealing poor children to even care. Check out Children Screaming to be heard. My Nan was a child victim of the state, so I know children need our help.

    Please get in contact. My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and my email is nevertooldforleg@gmail.com

    P.S. I wonder if your daughter would like the Butterfly Lullaby story I made up. It is about a Butterfly Princess, who gets stung by an evil wasp (Prince Stinger.) The spell stops her from sleeping, which drains her mother and makes her ill. She goes on a quest with her friend to find the Butterfly Wishing Book and reverse the spell. The girl fairies are team players and help create a creative ending!


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